How to Stop a Heart Attack in 1 Minute!

Some people are not aware that a powerful simple ingredient can prevent heart attack just in 1 minute. John Christopher, popular herbalist, has found the formula how to stop a heart attack in only one minute. You can find over 50 herbal formulas, but only one turned up to be the most beneficial. Even he doesn’t have a doctorate, his alternative medicine’s contributes are really significant.

That amazing ingredient is the cayenne pepper and it can prevent a heart attack in just one minute. This is the most popular kind of chili pepper and that is why it so important to have it in your home.

How to use it:

According to the SHU (Scoville Heat Units), it has 90, 000 Scoville units. Some of the pepper species that have the same unit are: Scitch Bonet, Jalapeño, Jamaican Hot Pepper, Thai Chi, African Bird and Habanero. The cayenne pepper can be found in health food stores, oriental grocery stores or supermarkets.

Give a person that is having heart attack 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper in 1 glass of water but the person has to be conscious so this can work.
If the person isn’t conscious, use cayenne pepper extract by putting few drops under the tongue.

It is a potent stimulant. It also carries the blood to all body parts, balances the circulation and increases the heart rate. It helps in heart attack recovery, stops the bleeding instantly as it has homeostatic effect. Many experts claim that they’ve never lost a patient because of this therapy.

Recipe for the Dr. Schulz’s cayenne tincture

This is the best remedy for the heart attack and you only have to use cayenne pepper. It grows in S. America and India. It is a bushy plant and it is a perennial plant. The chili that is grounded is 20 times stronger than the regular ones, as it has much more pepper alkaloid named capsaicin. The pepper’s heat is proportional to the size of a normal peppers and that means that the smallest ones are usually the hottest.

Needed ingredients:

-Cayenne pepper (powdered);
-One to three cayenne peppers (fresh);
-5o percent alcohol ( you can also use Vodka);
-One liter glass bottle;


Start with putting gloves for safety and fill ¼ of the bottle with cayenne pepper powder. Then, pour alcohol so it will cover the powder. Mix the fresh peppers in a blender with alcohol so you can get a sauce-like mixture. Then, add it to the bottle so the rest of the bottle is covered. After that, fill the bottle with alcohol, put the lid on and shake few times a day. Store it in a dark and dry place and you should know that it never spoils.


Give five to ten drops of it to a conscious patient that has suffered stroke or heart attack. After five minutes, add another five to ten drops. The treatment should be repeated until the condition of the patient is improved.

If the patient isn’t conscious you have to put one to three drops of it under the tongue and start CPR. The treatment should be repeated after five minutes. Repeat it every five minutes until the condition of the patient is improved.

Health benefits of cayenne pepper:

-It can be used in treating other ailments;
-It prevents the occurrence of Colletotrichum and Phomopsis and it has intifungal properties;
-It is great for the digestive system as it relieves gases and stimulated the gastric juice production;
-It has anti-cancer properties. Its capsaicin content prevents the tumor development;
-It treats stomach problems, arthritis, toothache, obesity, redness, allergies, migraines and flu symptoms.

Cayenne pepper’s nutritional value:

It has 26 different nutrients. It also has some essential minerals like magnesium, selenium, zinc and calcium. It is also rich in vitamin A and C.
It is a natural spice that does miracles for the heart. Try this tincture if you have heart problems.

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